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Soul of the machine

Artist: Norken
Title: Soul of the machine

Serial: XTT 03
Price: £16.00 (CD)
Limitation: 2 x 150 glass mastered CDs
Released: 31st August 2015

2 disc set featuring the best work of Norken from over the years. Featuring Southern Soul and also the track Instamatic that was only available on vinyl up until now.

Soul of the machine includes some alternative mixes and tracks from the archives that have never been released before. This album is a prelude to the new Norken album called Sorcerer that is released on xtt recordings in 2015 on vinyl and cd



Artist: Metamatics
Title: Beatsamatic

Serial: XTT 02
Price: £6.00 (Digital)
Limitation: Digital release only
Released: 18th October

Beatsamatic consists of 23 tracks that are beats and loops designed for the consumer to sample/use in their own music if they so wish.

Digital Buy Metamatics - Instamatic (UK)


Artist: Metamatics
Title: Instamatic

Serial: XTT 01 / XTT V01
Price: £13.00 (CD) / £16.00 (Vinyl with free cd of the album)
Limitation: 150 glass mastered CDs & 100 Vinyl
Released: September/October

Metamatics - After several massively productive years focusing on sound from the hazy perspective of his idyllic Turin life, Lee Norris has set-up a studio in Devon again, and almost immediately finds himself once more drawn to the Metamatics end of the spectrum.

A mesmerising attention to detail, the beauty of an afternoon spent perfecting just one facet of infinity, the moment when the machines all levitate as one, the hopes you had, all the hope you still have, and everything else we've come to expect from a Metamatics release.

The resulting new album is available for pre-sale now, full release details to follow.



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